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Walmart hiring 150,000 to meet demand from corona-virus, giving bonuses to current employees

Recently, Walmart has planned to give bonus in the form of cash for all associates who are on hourly basis. This is just to appreciate their hard work and honest dedication towards their job. This is purely an excellent customer service in the time of global calamity.

The cash bonus will be for all Walmart associates who are working hourly basis in different Walmart stores, supply chains, clubs and other workplaces. A full-time hourly manpower will get $300 and part-time hourly manpower will receive $150 as a cash bonus. In that case, the total cash bonus amount will reach up to $365 million figure, which itself is a remarkable perk. All hourly associates who are working with the company from March 1 will qualify for such bonus. They will get the cash bonus payment by April 2, 2020.

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Also, this will get acceleration in the form of extended bonus figures for hourly associates. It will be applicable for all Walmart stores, clubs and supply chains. As a part of their quarterly target, the company will pay bonus. Furthermore, this will help hard working associates to have additional cash in hand. All such cash bonus will further raise on the basis of individual performances. Additional amount of such cash bonus will be up to $180 million. So, the final resulting amount will reach to $550 million all together.


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Extra Manpower Recruitment

For daily routine works, Walmart is having sufficient full-time and part-time hourly basis man force. However, to fulfill the recent increasing demand, Walmart is going to hire additional helping hands of approximately 150,000 new associates. Such, recruitment will be in force by the end of May, 2020. All such hiring will be temporarily basis and may get permanent employment status over a certain time period.

Key positions for above hiring will be cashiers and stockers. In general, such recruitment process takes 2 to 4 weeks of time to get conclude. However, in current scenario an application process time is cut short and will finish within 24-hours’ time. This is a win-win situation both for Americans who are looking for work and for Walmart. Finally, this will help the customers for getting their stuff on time.

Walmart’s Emergency Leave Policy was announced last week. Some of the highlights of the policy are:

  • Any employee who are affected directly or indirectly by corona-virus, and they are not comfortable to reach to work, choose to be at home.
  • If they are quarantined as a part of mandatory practice.
  • In case of, Positive confirmed case is identified.


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How to report Walmart Credit Card Lost or Stolen incidents?

In case you lost your Walmart Credit Card, there is a simple procedure to report such cases. Importantly, report such Walmart Credit Card Lost or stolen incidents immediately. For that, customers should contact on Walmart Customer Service number which is toll-free number. Dial on 1-877-294-7880 if you are calling from within US. In case of customers who are outside of US, can call on 1-804-934-2001 number.


How to report Walmart Credit Card Lost or Stolen incidents


In order to report lost card cases using online mode, you simply have to access your Walmart Credit Card account by signing in. Further, go to the account summary page and click on “Services” option. Under which you will find an option of “Report Lost, stolen or Damaged Card”, using which you can easily report your complaint. Check also, Walmartone Login Portal.


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